I started WordPress theme and plugin developing with my partner in 2005. When we established our first company, we didn’t know WordPress will change our life and attitude of the work too.

The very first customer who came from Switzerland, mentioned an unknown CMS system called WordPress, which is free (open source) and it has administrative area, which provide all customers to manage the contents itself. This guy wants to hire us to develop a website to him using WordPress. Because at the time we had own CMS system, we reject this customer. A little bit later, we are started heavily developing under WordPress, because we realized that our CMS is cannot race with WordPress.

I learned the sitebuilding (including the grid systems, CSS3, HTML5), Javascript, MySQL and PHP because of WordPress. And of course I tasted it to Ubuntu server installation, because that is the motherboard of WordPress.

The home of finest and selected WordPress plugins by developers.

We are serious about the quote of our site.

This is a free site, no need to register to comment, or take a suggestion. Here, you can find lot of unknown and well-known plugins as well. We imported the free plugins from WordPress.org. Every plugins updated daily, because the users don’t sleep. They are rating, commenting and using these plugins every day. It really matter what they use. We heavily build the premium plugins too, but this database is very incomplete now. But we try to make a better world with WordPress plugin tips, review and more!

First of all, we thank you everything to WordPress community and the following fine WordPress-related sites which we pick off the news:

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“The code is poetry”